Hi, I’m Adam and I’m travelling around the world by bike and filming the journey. After spending 12 years in the British Army, I left in 2018 to go on an adventure of a lifetime.

My inspiration to cycle around the world started in Afghanistan in 2014. I had just finished reading Alistar Humphreys books about cycling around the world on my kindle. His books took me from the concrete protected bubble where I was reading to the mountains of Chile, the deserts in Africa and the blizzards in Serbia. At that moment, I decided I wanted to see the world without a weapon in my hand. To experience it myself in the best way I thought would be possible. On two wheels.

Over the following years, I went on some short tours in Europe but that only helped to fuel my desire to leave it all and cycle the world. In 2018, I did just that. I handed in my notice to leave the Army and 12 months later I was on my bicycle with the whole world open to explore.

My passion for creating videos has also grown over the years. I started making videos of my short bike tours to share with friends and family on Facebook. My first videos were naff but I loved making them. A multi-year bike tour is a great way to hone my craft of filmmaking and editing.

You can follow my journey on Youtube at YouTube.com/adamhugill

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